You can do it!

The kit includes a detailed training video – information usually taught only in our professional seminars – to guide you through the steps. 

Not only that, you’ll receive a comprehensive, illustrated Owner’s Manual that includes written instructions as well as helpful tips and FAQs.

The Homeowner's Concrete Flagstone Makeover Kit also includes:

Professional grade Piranha decorative concrete engraving tool
 4 Assorted Flagstone templates
  2 gallons of Reactive Acid Chemical Stain (enough for up to 500 sq ft) in the color of your choice
  2 gallons of Outside Acrylic sealer (enough for up to 500 sq ft) 
 Two quart sprayer
 Safety items

You only need to provide an air compressor and a pressure washer (if you don't own these, we suggest a nearby rental store or borrow from a neighbor,) a wet vac, a stiff brush with a long handle, a 5 gal bucket,  ammonia, a paint tray, paint roller & cover,  and a garden hose – that’s all!

Be prepared – Experience has proven that once your friends and neighbors see the awesome concrete makeover you've performed, they are going to want you to make their concrete as beautiful as yours. Charge them a nominal fee to cover the stain and sealer plus your time, and soon your Concrete Flagstone Makeover Kit has paid for itself.

Just FOUR easy steps transform your concrete from blah to beautiful!

Transform your Concrete

Flagstone Makeover Kit
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